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Feel free to click on the article titles to read the pieces as published in their original online sources.


Accidental Florist
  • Published in: Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette

  • Published in: The Rusty Nail


  • Published in: Thickjam

Better Homes
  • Published in: One Million Stories​ - third from top

Bottom's Up
  • Published in: Foliate Oak

Call Me Big Gram
  • Published in: Short Humour


The Chrysalis

Published in: Micro Horror

Color Blind
  • Published in: 50 Word Stories

Crystal Balls

Cut To The Chase
  • Published in: Inner Sins​


Disappearing Woman
  • Published in: Linguistic Erosion

Early Retirement
  • Published in: The Story Shack


The Eulogy
  • Published in: First Stop Fiction

Finding Herself
  • Published in: Inner Sins

  • Published in: Story Shack


First Blood
  • Published in: One Million Stories


Get The Cell Out Of Here
  • Published in: Bleed Cancer Anthology

Gone Wireless
  • Published in: Linnet's Wings, page 26


Heads Up
  • Published in: Word Riot


Her Turn
  • Published in: River Poets Journal, pages 34-35


High Voltage
  • Published in: Linguistic Erosion


How It Starts
  • Published in: 50-Word Stories

If Not Now, When
  • Published in: First Stop Fiction


Internal Injuries
  • Published in: Curly Red Stories

Iron Crosses
  • Published in: Curly Red Stories

It's All Relative
  • Published in: Linguistic Erosion


Just A Cigar
  • Published in: Linnet's Wings, pp 16-17


Meet Me

Published in: Thick Jam

Miracle Ears
  • Published in: Dreamscape Press

  • Published in: 100 Worlds

Moon Shine
  • Published in: Rind Literary Magazine

  • Published in: Nailpolish Stories

No Intermission
  • Published in: Thick Jam



The Obituary

  • Published in: Rind Issue 3,Page 32

The Offering

  • Published in: MicroHorror


On Her Toes

  • Published in: Screech Owl


Power Outage
  • Published in: Postcard Shorts


  • Published in: Nail Polish Stories


Red Devil
  • Published in: Coping with Cancer

  • Published in: Barefoot Review

  • Published in: Fifty Word Stories

Restraining Order
  • Published in: Carnival

Rings of Saturn
  • Published in: Bewildering Stories

Round in Circles
  • Published in: The Screech Owl,5th from top

Smoke and Mirrors
  • Published in River Poets Journal

Snug as a Bug
  • Published in: Bewildering stories

Sock It To Me
  • Published in: Short Humour

Spare Parts
  • Published in: Postcard Shorts

  • Published in: Short Humour

Take Care
  • Published in: Fifty Word Stories


Thinking Ahead
  • Published in: Thick Jam

This Halloween
  • Published in: Fifty Word Stories


  • Published in: Fifty Word Stories

Tree Incarnation
  • Published in: Bewildering Stories

Under Cover
  • Published in: Thick Jam

Unlikely Accidents
  • Published in: Zest Magazine, issue 2, page 196

What Are The Odds
  • Published in: Short Humour

What No One Knew
  • Published in: Crack The Spine 

The Yolk's On You
  • Published in: Short Humour



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